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So I just found your Facebook page - and WOW!!!   You’re incredible!!  I’m all kinds of impressed now!!  Very unique yet creative, classical, and  still comfortable!!  That’s not easy to do!!

Timonthy Mccarrell

I am so glad I found Judy.

Dana Burke

Having lived abroad in Europe and Asia for many years, I was struggling to incorporate my eclectic furnishings and decor in my new Low Country rustic home on Daniel Island.

I was resigned to storing or giving away many pieces before meeting interior designer Judy Bistany. 


Judy asked to see my “treasures” and her enthusiasm and vision renewed my own appreciation of these pieces.  She arranged and combined art work, decor, and furniture with such creativity, ease, and confidence. Time spent with Judy is so uplifting and I love my home more after each of our sessions. Judy possesses a wonderful philosophy of interior design. I had always thought the goal in decorating was to have everything match and balance perfectly. But Judy has convinced me that when it comes to interior design there is “not an ounce of genius in perfection”.   The element of surprise and imperfection is ultimately more interesting, rewarding, and fun.


My dream was to have a home where family and friends would feel comfortable, relaxed, and welcomed. With Judy’s expertise and valuable collaboration, the most popular comments received have been “this house is so warm” and “it’s so cozy”. Our guests certainly seem to enjoy fun times, great appetites, and refreshing deep sleep in this house.  And thats perfect.

Brenda Dube

Thank you for seventeen years of bringing beauty into my home. What you have done has always been a gift of your great talent and time. Each and every time (in now five homes) you created a beautiful, peaceful setting that did wonders for my spirit. Our "new" bedroom is heaven. It makes me smile...thank you, thank you, thank you.

Nancy Farmer

Judy took my ordinary home and made it extraordinary! I absolutely love it!  So wonderful to find a designer who listens to your ideas and makes them perfect!

Ann Kholer


Thank you so much for all you have done to pull our home together! I still get a huge smile on my face every time I walk in the door. And the best part is- I don’t feel like I’m living in someone else’s house. You nailed our style! You have so many creative solutions that shake things up, yet I know my house will never feel “trendy” or out of style. This whole process has been so much fun, and I am delighted with our results so far!

Bess Havens  

Havens Fine Framing

We have known Judy and her work since our early years in Charlotte in the 1970's.  Since then our store has had locations in Boston and for the past twelve years in Palm Beach.  We have dealt with many fine designers in those many years and place Judy's work in a league of top rated interior designers.  When it comes to interior design, she gets it.  Her work was far ahead of other designers even back in the day.  Her current work continues to be sophisticated yet full of the elements of long lasting, comfortable design.

Doug Spain 

Owner Churchill Galleries

My wife and I have renovated our small condo and were shopping for furniture and various pieces to complete the interior. We visited all of the usual places, and finally found that we connected with interior design specialist .Judy Bistany.

Her approachable manner, combined with her keen insight of design styles and principles, made our experience most enjoyable, as she always seemed to find the appropriate piece to complement our design direction.

Scott Creaig

Judy took my ordinary home and made it extraordinary! I absolutely love it! So wonderful to find a designer who listens to your ideas and makes them perfect!

Ann Kohler

Over the holidays a number of friends and relatives were in my house and you got rave reviews for the work you have done for me.

Hayden Knowlton

I just wanted you to know I love your website, and your work! It is comfortable, modern elegance - very serene and inviting. Best wishes for many more design successes in 2019! All the best.

Kelly Corbett

I'm into your book. I love your easy going non-uppity style, and your relaxed way of handling the form and function balance, and your emphasis on making spaces and items meaningful and personal. I'm looking forward to reading the whole thing.


Judy is the first person I go to for decorating advice! I never question what she recommends. She has classy taste that never goes our of style.

Leign Howell

I worked with Judy on two homes over a period of a year. She was most helpful and has exquisite taste. She was invaluable in my finding just the right pieces for my homes. Wonderful to work with and a very talented person.

Victoria Wooten


Bill Blass Celebrity Guest 1981 Charlotte Symphony ASID Designer House


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