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Home Renovation



Start with a beautifully and architecturally designed home with great bones.  Keeping the palette light but with accents, we made sure to add comfortable furniture that functions for the spaces but also has great design. 

Home Renovation
Home Renovation

A bench seat sofa is always a favorite of mine- with decorative pillows added that don't overpower.  The foyer is wide (so lovely) and impressive - with an imposing and beautiful stair. The choice of the foyer piece was to compliment the stair and to give a decorative aspect as well.  The art work is large (bigger is always better, less is always more) and the accessories minimal. 


The subtle oriental rug adds color without confusion, leading to richer hues in the library close by.  Great design has nuance - a subtlety to it that is felt in a warm and inviting way.  After all, people are always more important than things - and what my project's aims are, always, to create a backdrop for living (well).

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