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Home Interior



Designing a second home for clients is in some ways more of an open slate.  The treasures of home usually stay there - while the "lightness" needed for a second residence is evident.  New things are possible and fun - new ideas - new aesthetics that are nuanced into the personal style that should always still remain.  This project on Daniel Island started with a renewal of tossing out some of the old 'hoping to make work' furnishings and bringing in the new. 

My clients are traditionalists - so we had to keep that flavor while reviving the classic looks in a more contemporary way. 

Home Interior

Their newly built home came from the builder with a classic white throughout - so much fun to work with.  So unifying - and enveloping when it is the right white - which it happily was.  I have great respect for the design sensibilities that have come before me.  Changing that beautiful white would never have been an option to consider. 

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