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Lake House



Lake House

When you live on the water and when it is in Florida, light is so important.  Creating a bright environment that is still grounded in comfort and function was our aim.  We used slip covered furniture combined with accent upholstery and casegoods adding artwork that was interesting but not too serious. It had to have softness and colors that felt good. 

This is the second version of this project, the first one was recycled to their river house.  My client loves change and it was important to have the basis for new things while keeping the basics of good pieces.   She is such fun to work with - so willing to be creative and really grasping the need for some good classic principles of design.

The kitchen was especially fun because we wanted to use fewer cabinets and more furniture. The tall cabinet and a pale blue was the perfect fit. The cafe curtains are dish towel with the image of a pig. How fun is that! This kitchen started our with stained paneling that we happily painted in a soft surrounding color.

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