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Living Room Remodel

When your clients have lived all over the world - their most recent home in Singapore before their Daniel Island move, there is a lot to consider when creating a new home environment for them.  They were ready to move on to a rustic simplicity but they also wanted to incorporate the items that preserved those memories.  We created a backdrop of that new look but we kept important pieces and items that they had collected and loved in their former homes. 

Living Room Remodel

These are truly international clients whose outlook on life, while rooted in its simplicity, is broad and wide reaching with a plethora of experiences.   My lovely client did not expect that we would use so many of those things she had kept and loved but we did, indeed, with a happy outcome.  They fit perfectly into the new setting, giving it meaning and depth.  The "old" and the "new" in harmony in an unexpected way.  Such a fun project. 

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