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There's an artist in the family.  In fact, there are multiple and very talented artists in the family.  This is a family who understands the deep meaning of personal expression.  It was so important from the beginning that this should be a true reflection of personal, artistic values - that we needed something more than a pure classic design. 


It had to be much more than generic.  My client is from the younger generation of the family - newly married and living in their first home together.  We painted walls and then added eclectic furnishings to compliment their art collection (everyone in this family has an art collection - some of their own work or that of family members as well in the mix.)

Bedroom Design

Putting it together and then moving on to the bedroom was a delight.  The bedroom is a mix of old and new furniture - the bed, a stately new design, the antique french settee is recovered in a subtle oriental pattern. The horizontal stripe draperies are in a soft yellow and ivory.  We added green for accents (always a wonderful thing to do) and magnificent art, also a part of their collection. 

Bedroom Design

I love working with young people - helping them to create the basis for their own personal decorating style - using things they will hopefully keep forever (as it should be - do it once the right way) and will add to. The things we do may not stay in the same spot forever, but the goal is to choose what they love and will continue to love and cherish and always find a place for.   All of my projects are happy ones but this one was an especially happy one for me.

For the main area we recovered an existing sofa (a beautiful piece from her mother) in navy blue. We added draperies to bring sense to the new paint color and to blend with the antique furnishings we had such fun finding.  We found dining chairs that went beautifully with chairs from his family and the table that was commissioned from a local artisan. 

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