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The Big Picture is Always in the Details

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

In interior design, as in most things, the big picture is always in the details.

My design sensibilities tell me that a plan that looks good at first glance has to meet the test of individual merit in order to have a lasting design.  That individual merit comes in many ways - upholstery stuffing being one of them.

I have always been a purist when it comes to my design work.  I like the time tested components that make up for a look that is soft.  Feathers are a big part of that for me.  I prefer a cushion that has feathers in it - if not a lot then at least a few.  And when it comes to accent pillows, I find a synthetic stuffing to totally miss the mark.

A beautiful fabric that is used as an accent deserves the softness that a feather stuffing provides.  Most feather pillows have a 90/10 content (90% feathers/10% down) and that is sufficient to do the trick.  The look is great and so is the function if one needs a pillow to help accommodate for a sofa depth that might be a bit deep for a smaller stature person.

Design  is a very subjective thing - what one likes another may not.  When collaborating with a client for a design plan, the designer's likes and the client's may not be the same (the client rules) is not right, the other is not wrong - it's just why they make 128 flavors of ice cream - we are all different. But when it comes to a well put together plan attention to detail is a must.

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