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What's in a Number?

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Project on the books?  Looking for something new?  One something or a lot of somethings to re-do or update your decor?  A common mistake that is often made is shopping by price.  So what is in a number, anyway?

If it is inexpensive, does that signify a lack of quality?  If it is expensive does it signify great inherent value?  The answer to both, as I learned many years ago starting out as a young designer, is no. Price is not a measure of quality, nor is the converse, so it makes sense that buying by price is definitely not a good idea.  Neither is buying because of price.

Too often I have seen purchases of things that are not really wanted but simply because the item is at a comfortable price and it fills a current "need".  It may be similar to something wanted but it's not the thing that makes the heart sing.  It makes sense to the purse and so the compromise.

It's then that one remembers forever (until it is impossible to live with any longer) exactly what was paid for it.  Along with it comes the everyday reminder of wishing it had never been bought at all.

Eventually, it usually does not take long, a new purchase is made of what was truly wanted in the first place.  Along with that finally comes the real joy of ownership.  Too busy is one now enjoying the treasure more and more every day that

the price is soon long forgotten.

It is always well to remember an oft repeated phrase of mine, “There is never enough money to do it right, but there is always enough money to do it over.”  Doing it over and over .... and over, can become a very expensive thing, indeed.

Here's my best advice.  Buy what you love.  A few good things will bring a great deal of joy that will make up for the missing pieces.  Then there will be the added joy of finding another new and wonderful thing to add to the mix when the budget allows for it. I am always happy with less if what I have has great merit and a lot of Beef, subtle or otherwise, both from a design perspective and from the added enjoyment of something that I am truly happy to live with.  

Even if your design project is one you want to complete all at once, building on a good foundation that has more merit and fewer things is always a winning plan.   And a much more economical plan at that.

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